Wave specializes in the production and delivery

of Audio Visual content for events.

If your intention is to develop a presentation that has an immediate and lasting impact on an audience, we will make it happen.

How We Do It

Although we can't tell you all the secrets, our most dynamic presentation system is driven by Watchout which allows us to coordinate and integrate any number of output devices, including video projectors, plasma screens, LCD monitors, plasma podiums, tele-prompters, etc.

Wave delivers service in the creation and development of various facets of media, bringing you the most exceptional audio visual material.

Production Specialties

  1. Custom Backgrounds

  2. Dynamic Text

  3. Exceptional Imagery

  4. Surround Sound

  5. Professional Voicing

  6. Stunning Special Effects

  7. High Quality Video

  8. Extraordinary Animations

Using the most up-to-date technology and a small business model, Wave can produce media faster and manage your costs.

Our most complex shows have involved coordinating 10 video projectors simultaneously and creating a full 360 degree seamless panorama in the event room or coordinating multiple video projects to project a 7 story tall image on the external architecture of a building.